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Metro Area Coordinator

mitzaMitza Jackson, I started working with youth in the Allegheny East Conference, as the Metro Area AYS Federation President under Youth Director, Ron Edmonds, during 1995 – 1997. In 1980, I became a member of the Allegheny East Conference Pathfinder Association. At the Breath of Life church in Forth Washington, MD, I participated in their Buccaneers Pathfinder Club in the following areas: Counselor, Deputy Director, Instructor and Director for a total of 91/2 years. I also led out the youth choir as well as organized & started the first Marching Band in the Allegheny East Conference at the Breath of Life Buccaneers Pathfinder Club.

I have been a member of the Allegheny East Pathfinder Executive Committee since 2005 as the Area Coordinator for the DC Metropolitan Area. I have also led out the initiative to build a transition process between the Adventurers and Pathfinder Ministries, member of the Fair Committee and am the Association

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