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Chaplains Corner

Chaplains Corner


Never Give Up...Don't Give In... It's Almost Over.

While Jesus is pleading for the subjects of His grace, Satan accuses them before God as transgressors. The great deceiver has sought to:

  • lead them into skepticism,
  • to cause them to lose confidence in God,
  • to separate themselves from His love, and
  • to break His law.  

Now he points to the record of their lives,

  • to the defects of character,
  • the unlikeness to Christ, which has dishonored their Redeemer,
  • to all the sins that he has tempted them to commit, and because of these he claims them as his subjects.  

Jesus does not excuse their sins, but shows their penitence and faith, and, claiming for them forgiveness, He lifts His wounded hands before the Father and the holy angels, saying: I know them by name. I have graven them on the palms of My hands.

-The Great Controversy by EG White, p. 484


Serving Him on Purpose

Sharon V. Howard & Waverly Massenburg

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